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 Hubei Gary Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of vehicle lifting transport aircraft business, the company is located in the convenient transportation, Shiyan, Hubei Economic and Technological Development Zone, located Hanshi high speed at the exit.  Shiyan, China's largest automobiles production base, providing an ideal platform for the company products.

 Our main products are series of lorry-mounted crane, "Gary card" 1-12 t.  Vehicle lifting transport aircraft supermarket company in the country's 15 provinces and cities, the establishment of sales outlets and high-quality after-sales service network in the provinces and cities nationwide.

 It is for the talent of the society to recruit the following positions:

Conversion business in charge of a


 1, college education, more than 1 year, vehicle modification, renovation of relevant work experience

2, good team management and co-operation, with good communication and coordination skills.

3, driver's license is preferred.

Foreign sales number


A residence not limited to, marketing, mechanical and electrical, auto, professional secondary and higher education;

According to the company's annual, quarterly and monthly sales plans to open up the motor vehicle market in the region;

Responsible for the development of the region and maintenance of old customers and new customers;

 (4) is responsible for providing the region, market trends, changes in demand, accurate information on competitors and customers feedback;

5 Responsible for regular visits to all customers of the region;

6 must have at least 1 years experience in car sales;

7 Salary Negotiable, depending on the actual capacity;

8 Practical experience in car sales priority, driving license and the actual driving experience is preferred.

9 This job is based in the field

 (C) a tax accounting


One familiar with the financial instruments processing, able to complete tax returns and other related work procedures;

 (2), financial professional, the qualification certificate.  Xiancai done car sales finance priority

Workshop cleaner 1


(1) good health, good moral character, industrious and simple, serious and responsible, hard work, deft hands and feet

(2) cleaning work experience is preferred

assembly workers

Requirements: Male, 35 years of age, physical health, more than two years relevant work experience

June 2 painters

Requirements: Male, 35 years of age, physical health, more than two years relevant work experience

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